Are Investors Driving Up Housing Prices?

I am not a housing investor, but I see many misguided articles claiming housing investors are driving prices up.

The factors that primarily control pricing in the housing market are supply and demand.

In Seattle, London, Los Angeles and elsewhere demand has risen steadily but supply has not. This causes prices to increase sharply.

The solution is to increase the housing supply.… read more “Are Investors Driving Up Housing Prices?”

Leaving Social Media

I deactivated my social media accounts today. I was attacked by both conservatives and liberals in one week for sharing ideas for discussion. The ideas in question were middle of the road ideas that are shared commonly by large percentages of the population. The attacks though were angry and personal.

A conservative family member last week called me and ranted that my support for Biden’s 2020 presidential candidacy directly caused the deaths of the 13 marines in Afghanistan during the US evacuation.… read more “Leaving Social Media”

Patents At Fault for Cut Off Fingers

Patents owned by sawstop are resulting in more American homeowners having their fingers cut off. Sawstop is using its patents to prevent new competitors from making saws with safety technology. Table saws are some of the most dangerous tools a homeowner can have. Every table saw should have technology to stop the blade if human flesh comes in contact with it.… read more “Patents At Fault for Cut Off Fingers”