Watch “As Utah’s Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Economic Crisis Looms | WSJ” on YouTube

The solution is simple. Keep raising the price of water until the water usage drops to a sustainable level. No need for government to pick winners and losers, just let the market do it. That will lead to the most efficient outcome. Remove any subsidies or special rights to water that anyone has and just make it a single unified market.

New paint sprayer and sprayed shed today

Well I just finished a day of painting with the Graco X7 airless gun… I’m not sure if it was a disaster or a success lol. I spent the morning prepping the shed and furniture. Set up the sprayer at noon, but it didn’t spray correctly most of the time. I started with a five gallon bucket of kilz 2 primer, halfway through it started to spray better.… read more “New paint sprayer and sprayed shed today”


With all of the news cycles consumed with death of the queen and coronation of the king, I have been very confused.

Why does anyone care about one parasite being replaced by another? There is not even a fraction as much attention paid to the deaths of even our greatest inventors, entrepreneurs, or thinkers. Why?

Charles III, Britain’s conflicted new monarch | Reuters

Why does England still have a monarchy? Why haven’t they been beheaded? Why hasn’t there property been auctioned off to the public? Why hasn’t there money been taken to fund the state?

Royalty are simply ancient criminals who built their wealth at the point of a sword.

Putin Murdering Opponents

One of these days, Putin’s henchmen will wise up and realize Putin that if Putin can randomly kill his other associates, they are vulnerable too.