New paint sprayer and sprayed shed today

Well I just finished a day of painting with the Graco X7 airless gun… I’m not sure if it was a disaster or a success lol. I spent the morning prepping the shed and furniture. Set up the sprayer at noon, but it didn’t spray correctly most of the time. I started with a five gallon bucket of kilz 2 primer, halfway through it started to spray better. When I switched to the Behr Ultra exterior paint, it really choked up quite a bit. I had two customer service calls during the day. First guy told me to thin paint, use a bigger tip (I didn’t have one), and mix paint with drill and strain the paint (didn’t have any of that stuff either). So I just thinned it and tried struggling through. At some point, it magically started spraying right again, so I finished everything quickly. Probably 4-5 hours screwing around with it not working, 2-3 hours painting effectively.

I’m not sure if I should keep the sprayer or return it. Seems a little under powered for good paint, but maybe that’s just user error. If I paint the house, I don’t want to be messing with it again. Guy on the phone said you have to mix all paint well and strain it and use a bigger tip.

So much screwing around with it and trying to backbrush with a small brush. ugh.

I’ll go see how everything looks tomorrow, it got dark on me still working. I cleaned out the gun and put in the pump armor in the dark. I think the shed will be good, the furniture is iffy. action thriller movie

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