Depression / Gratitude

Science shows that writing down what your grateful for can help combat depression and increase happiness. It has worked for me for sure! Every day I write down one thing I am grateful for. See my list recently:

Relaxing honeymoon day
Happy life
Good honeymoon
Visiting grandparents
My family
Jimmy running with laurel and i, grandpa and bestemor
Healthy life with laurel
Nice family visit
Able to work from home when sick
Laurel is great
Things to do
Its the weekend
Laurel is best wifey ever
Back in the office
Freedom to structure my days
Great CT team right now
Healthy lifestyle
Going to portland on wednesday
Back in my routine tomorrow
Home sweet home
Top ranked for everything
Laurel is an awesome wife
Not in debt
I have a good brain
Healthy diet
Very happy, perfect life now
Choose my own schedule
I am proud of what i do
No hangover, i feel great
Lots of free time
Flexible schedule
Fun man date with jeremy
Laurel being reasonable and open to change
Visiting grandma gross this weekend
Back home
Driving purpose to my life
Great friends like Victoria and Jeremy
Laurels family here in LA
Laurel great wife
Romy is actually solid
No lawsuits of big size going on
I drink less usually nowadays
Generally good health
Business is super good
treadmill desk
Kickoff call a day this week
Fun rock climbing with scott b yesterday
Renewed motivation this time of year
I am not crazy like everyone else lol
Fun weekend with friends (jeremy bbq, scott’s gf mel bday)
More social contact lately due to my regular morning and evening calls
Productive week
Fun purposes to work on
Bishop trip this weekend
Excited about bishop in 2 days
Done with work for the week!
Great rock climbing weekend
Justin visited last night
Treadmill desk keeps me moving
2 hours climbing mid day with Matt & max
Highly productive weekend
Jordan is best friend & best brother
Business is relatively smooth
Rock climbing during work day
Laurel rocks
Perfect schedule
laurel rock climbed last night
I always have enough to eat
I have shelter

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