Devil’s Swimming Pool – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Devil’s Swimming Pool is located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and has become a hot destination for global adventurers. During the months of September and December, eager travelers can venture out to the very edge of the 128 meteer tall waterfall and swim around. Takes a big pair to go play here. Scroll down to the bottom to watch the video on how some truly nuts people play at the Devil’s Swimming Pool.

Guy swimming at devils swimming pool

The man in this picture at the Devil’s Swimming Pool looks pretty anxious… I would be too if I was sticking my head and arms off a massive waterfall like he is.

Devil's waterfall in zimbabwe

“Daddy, Daddy, Let me look over the edge…. AAAAAAaaaaaa……” haha

Kid looking over the edge of devil's swimming pool in zimbabwe africa

Crazy man to be doing this with three or four hundred feet of waterfall in front of him.

Peering off the edge of a crazy waterfall

Naptime at the Devil’s Swimming Hole.

Sleeping at the Devil's swimming hole

Funnest family vacation of all time.

zimbabwe hosts the Devil's Swimming Hole

Now imagine not only swimming in the Devil’s Swimming Pool… But actually doing cannonballs into it right at the edge of the waterfall!!! In this video, some crazy men jump into Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and land right close to the edge of the falls.

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29 thoughts on “Devil’s Swimming Pool – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe”

  1. Its really not that scary, just dont do anything stupid. Heaps of people go around the pools although i did have a close call as the stepping stones were washed away!

  2. You gotta be willing to take the risk of life. Yes a small dam could give way, yes erosion may some day take it’s toll, yes you could very well have a coronary embolism in the next 5 minutes and be dead in the sixth. Death is a part of living. Take the risk, do things that push your limits…. enjoy LIFE!!!

  3. This is like rock climbing. Try to not do things where you only get one mistake. It’s the secret to a long life.

  4. WOW!
    this looks really cool i want to go but my mum doesn’t
    This is a question:
    Is there a person who watches you?
    Can you die?
    it it dangurous?

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