DIY Playset and Swing Set with Swing, Climbing Holds, Climbing Net, Trapeze bar, Slide

The video showcases the DIY play set and swing set I built for my kids to play on. I have included the features, build quality, prices, labor time, cut list, construction method, and tools used.

Features – slide, climbing net, climbing wall, climbing slats, rope climb, sand, swings.

Build quality – far higher than store bought, this uses big 4×4 posts to hold up the weight. Everything is treated so that it will last far longer outdoors.

Construction method – Started by building the 12′ long 4×4 posts and attaching them to the 4×4 deck supports. Then I dug holes 3′ deep for each post to sit in. The deck is 5′ off the surface and the railings around the deck are 4′ higher still. I used temporary 1×2 wood to brace the posts in place while I leveled them out and refilled the holes. I just used rocks to fill the holes instead of concrete so I can move the structure later. Next I put on the 2×4’s that brace the structure on the bottom and the cedar climbing slats on the back side. Then I put on the cedar deck, and the railings and slats. The final component was attaching the slide, climbing holds, and other features.

Labor time – 4 hours shopping, 2 hours staining, 16 hours framing, 2 hours attaching slide and holds and net.

Tools used – levels, hammer, cordless drill, framing nailer, knife, measuring tape, cordless circular saw, shovel, pickaxe, framing square.

Supply materials – 3 1/4″ framing nails, 3 1/8″ exterior deck screws, 4x – 12 ft 4×4 treated, 2x – 8 ft 4×4 treated, 8x 8 ft 2×4 treated, 26x 8 ft 5/4″ x 4″ cedar decking.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.