Do You Need To Switch Web Designers? Five Red Flags To Look Out For

Have you finally decided to upgrade from that Angelfire website your company has been using since the stone age? Maybe you just don’t feel like you’re getting the level of quality service you deserve for what you’re paying. It may be time to start re-evaluating your web designer, or at least start looking into your options. The Internet is always evolving, and if you aren’t keeping up, you’re going to be left behind. Let’s take a look at a few common indicators that you may need to consider a new web designer in Los Angeles.

1. Cross-Browser Incompatibility

Just because your office uses Google Chrome doesn’t mean that all of your potential clients and customers do, too! Take a minute to look at your website on other browsers, monitors, cell phones, and anywhere else you can imagine. Your website should look flawless on any platform. If your web designer undervalues the importance of flexibility across various systems, it may be time to consider finding a designer who is willing (and able) to fix that problem. This is also a huge red flag because there’s a good chance that there are other bugs and issues you may not be aware of.

2. Substandard Communication Skills

Are your e-mails gathering dust? Are your phone calls sitting in voicemail purgatory? These are immediate red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. You need to be reassured that these types of problems will be resolved promptly. For instance, social media posts should be made in a timely manner so that they are actually relevant, and updates must be applied as needed. Even if your correspondence doesn’t require an immediate response, a good web designer in Los Angeles understands that it’s crucial for each and every client to have the ability to get in touch whenever necessary. If your web developer is not willing to make that commitment, there are plenty of professionals out there who will.

3. A Lack of Real Online Presence

When you Google your company, where do you show up? Do you find yourself clicking through countless pages, wondering how anyone is supposed to find your website? If your web designer is not using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your search engine ranking, you are missing out on a whole lot of business. Do you really want your website to be a virtual business card that you have to tell people about? Of course not. In order to appear on the first page of relevant search results, the content on your website should be updated regularly, and you shouldn’t have to know the URL to find it immediately.

4. It’s Just…Worse Than Other Websites

Sometimes, it really is that simple. Do you ever just look at other websites and wonder why yours doesn’t look as good? Does your website just seem stale, boring, or downright ugly? Does it lag constantly, run slow, and just “feel” off? If you browse around the Internet, you should be able to see what good web designers in Los Angeles are capable of these days – and if you can tell, other people can, too. Your web designer should take pride in how your website looks, feels, and functions. If they don’t care about keeping up with the latest designs and technologies, why should you continue to work with them?

5. Your Website is User-Unfriendly

If your website was the first page you ever visited, would you be lost? Do users have to download a program just to be able to view it? Do you have annoying pop-up ads? Although a good website should have plenty of content, it also needs to be easy to navigate and understand. Too much clutter is just going to overwhelm your visitors, slow down the page, and cause them to click that X in the corner. Your web designer may know all of the technical tricks in the book, but if your website is not user-friendly, then you can forget about repeat traffic.

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