Emerging Adulthood

I just read an interesting ten page article in the NYTimes about a psychologist named Arnett putting forth a new theory adding a stage to the development cycle: emerging adulthood.


Emerging adulthood is supposed to be a new life stage that in modern life comes between adolescence and adulthood. Adulthood has been traditionally defined as obtaining a job, getting married, and having children. Basically you move right into adulthood after your adolescence ends in your early twenties

Many young people in their mid to late twenties today don’t have a job, wife or children. They are confused about the purpose of their life and what to do. Almost always they are sponsored by their parents.

My opinion?

The new stage is bullshit and these “emerging adults” just need a kick in the ass to go do something. Parents are at fault for continuing to financially sponsor and emotionally baby their children long after the umbilical cord should have been cut. If I had someone paying all my expenses, I’d probably be a lazy useless turd too instead of a successful entrepreneur. The most successful people my age are ones who had parents that gave them lots of freedom and responsibility early on.

These parents are doing a severe disservice to their children by not letting go.

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Joel Gross

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