2 thoughts on “Feel bad”

  1. The road to life and human development is paved with renunciation. Throughout our lives, we grow by giving up. We give up some of our deepest attachments to others. We give up certain cherished parts of our selves. We must confront, in the dreams we dream, as well as in our intimate relationships, all that we will never have and never be. Passionate investment leaves us vulnerable to loss. And sometimes, no matter how clever we are, we must lose. A 13 year old was asked to give a philosophical commentary on loss. A man of few words, he answered, “Losing sucks.” At any age, we would surely tend to agree that losing tends to be difficult and painful. I believe that the people that we are and the lives that we lead, are determined, for better or worse, by our loss experiences. For our losses-are indeed pervasive. Our losses are inextricably linked to our growth. And to start to become aware of the ways in which our responses to loss have shaped our lives can be the beginning of wisdom and hopeful change.

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