Flag Football Suckage

Tonight at my weekly flag football game at Memorial Stadium in Seattle, I saw an opening in the opposing defense- they were playing 4 guys up and 2 back and the 2 back had a tendency to not cover the deep sidelines. So I told my qb that he should pump fake it short and throw it deep to one of the sidelines. He pump faked it to me and I went streaking up the sideline, looked back and saw the ball coming in and the nearest defender a few yards away… watched it come all the way in and smack me in the forehead and fall to the ground. I also didn’t cover the opposing qb well on rushing… the other team won by 3 darn points. Worst game in a long time. Ugh.
And I have a nasty bloody turf burned knee. At least I can satisfy my vampiric urges if i wish.

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Joel Gross

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