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Learning management system software is a dime a dozen right now. There are so many choices competing for attention, most people wouldn’t have time to go through even 1% of them. There could be a great system hiding at the bottom of the pile that no one will ever discover because legacy systems have so much more marketing spend that they can effectively erase small competitors. But there are some small online learning platforms that really stand out. I want to talk about one of them today, that you may have read about in some of my prior posts:

Learning Management System Software
Learning Management System Software

I created a training delivery and tracking software for my employees with the idea that it would better organize and automate our training processes. After further research, I found that not only was our system easier to use, more streamlined, and just as functional as other LMSs, it also served a niche that currently wasn’t being addressed. I decided to invest more into this learning management system software and make it into its own business.

Now that it has been acting separately from Coalition Technologies for over a month, it’s time to review its progress.

When we split it off from CT in March, although most of the functionality was there, the UI was terrible. Today, the navigation is much easier and the UI is much more polished:


While how a system looks isn’t always a great judge of how it actually performs, having a modern navigation makes software much easier to use (and particularly learning management system software that can get very complicated very fast). Since every who uses modern web applications is familiar with a certain type of navigation, mimicking this navigation already puts RomyLMS above most of the legacy systems in terms of usability. Most of the older systems look like excel spreadsheets with buttons everywhere; you need advanced training just to start training other people using these systems.

In addition to the modern UI, RomyLMS also differentiates itself from old learning management system software by keeping the list of features to the essentials. By focusing on core features, they have prevented the system from getting overwhelming and over-complicated. You’ll never get lost inside menus nested in menus found through searches and settings and on and on (this actually happened to me when I was testing other online learning platforms, and I am really tech-savy).

They have also completed upgraded the reporting functionality. It is a breeze to find how an individual employee is doing on their assignments or to see how a team has performed on a test. There are also elements of gamification built into the system; progress bars, badges, and a leaderboard makes training much more appealing.

RomyLMS is now a full-featured, cutting edge, learning management system that is perfect for small and medium businesses. They still have a little way to go to make the system more friendly for larger organizations, but from a programming standpoint, those changes will be fairly easy to make. I think RomyLMS is the easiest to use LMS on the market right now.

If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself, you can sign up and train 5 users for free, or you can log in to their demo site and poke around.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.