Funniest Newspaper Articles

The infamous Black Rooster sent me a link to some really funny newspaper articles and I thought that I would republish them here. The first funny newspaper article is about a courageous hero of a guinea pig named “Sooty”. Read about Sooty’s wild adventure below.

guinea pig has sex with two dozen females

I can’t believe that a freaking guinea pig has way more stamina than I will ever have. I am putting Sooty down as a new initiate to my Hall of Heroes.

The next funniest newspaper article is about the dangers of mistyping a single key when you send email or do work online.

couple dies and email mix up is hilarious

My favorite part is “P.S. Sure is freaking hot down here”! Hahhaha

The third funniest newspaper article is a cautionary tale about why you should ALWAYS wear shorts at the beach:

man has testicles trap him on beach chair.

I wonder who the poor guy was who had to cut him out of the chair. And why didn’t they just put his testes in a glass of ice water so they would shrink again?

The fourth funniest newspaper article is about a woman who wore buzzing underwear to shop at Asda. I like the Asda spokesperson’s comment the best.

asda woman with buzzing panties

I hope no children were around for the underwear removal!

The Darwin Awards would have picked up this article if the guy had died… but it’s still the fifth funniest newspaper article.

why american pie is bad for kids


And finally the final funniest newspaper article… Is your name Homer HendelBergenHeinszel???

selling strangely named funeral stone

I enjoyed this collection of the funniest newspaper articles. Did you?

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