Funny Quotes Old Relationships

Gmail is a treasure trove of funny old quotes from long dead relationships. I was bored tonight waiting for Kenny to call me to meet him for a beer, so I dug back into a pile of silly, immature and hilarious emails.

Funny quotes from ex’s:

  • “Another email.  Great.”
  • “I didn’t say I was “pissed,” but you certainly did annoy me.”
  • “Also, fuck off with your deep “no sex for a week” concerns. If you were to snuggle up to me, you’d probably learn that I was just as kidding about everything as you were. Although, that seems a little less likely now.”

…all from just one email…

Here’s another ex’s hilarious jabs:

  • “What am I a dog? You moron.”

And yet another:

  • “a fine hooker, eh? You’re going to need one after tonight, buddy.”

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