History is full of examples of leaders creating false divisions between people to kill those they dislike. Cambodian leaders in the 1970s said minorities weren’t human in order to kill a couple of million people. Rwandans in the 1990s said Tutsis weren’t human and killed half a million.

Based on this history, if I came to you and said that black people aren’t human, how would you react? Or if I said the mentally ill weren’t human, what would you say?

And yet many people say unborn humans aren’t human, why?

I get that unborn babies are an enormous burden on their mothers, but that doesn’t change the fact that the unborn baby is a separate person with it’s own DNA and it’s own unique future different from it’s mother.

We as a society should be giving maximum support to mothers. I am a libertarian and opposed to most government based intervention and aid, but I would support large financial transfers to help mothers… And also make it far easier for a mother to allow their child to be adopted.

We need to recognize the biological fact that every human being has unique DNA and that is what makes them a person. Trying to use any other qualifications, like the ability to speak or care for oneself, would mean that the disabled like those with Down Syndrome are not human. If you truly believe that, post that to your FB profile. Unborn babies are human beings. Killing them is murder. Forcing a woman to carry an unwanted child is very bad, but murdering an innocent baby is far worse. Let’s simply give that mother the maximum support we can as a society while still protecting the future of our species and preventing the gravest crime.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.