Government Regulation of Medicine is Ridiculous

State & federal government regulation of medicine is utterly ridiculous.  Such regulation leads directly to abuse by special interests groups (mostly doctors advocacy organizations like the AMA or insurance interests groups).

How is government regulation abused?

Consider the case of chiropractors versus physical therapists.  Due to the fact that mainstream medicine shuns chiropractic care (it’s not based on the scientific method and instead claims metaphysical properties), chiropractors have set up their own separate branch of healing that competes with regular doctors.  Chiropractors (who are not real doctors and do not follow the scientific method) have managed to actually get laws passed in many states that BAN physical therapists from performing spinal manipulation!!!

Basically the chiropractor crackpots have used state law to prevent real doctors from doing the real work on backs that needs to be done.

The case of chiropractors versus the physical therapists is one of the most obvious areas where government regulation is abused, but there are many other areas where lobbyists have basically written bills that have been passed into state or federal law to regulate medicine.  These laws, which falsely claim to protect consumers from themselves, actually really harm health care in America.

What is the solution?

Simply allow the free marketplace to work.  You can make decisions about your well being better than a bureaucrat or a lobbyist.

Fight to regain your freedom to choose.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “Government Regulation of Medicine is Ridiculous”

  1. I like where you’re going with this, but your conclusion is more than flawed.

    Allowing people to buy and sell in a free marketplace sounds good on paper, but in practice the results would be disastrous. Consumer protection and regulations on fraudulent business keep the free market working by stopping fraudsters in their never-ending practice of fleecing the sheep that are consumers out of their money.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that people are stupid and if you create a libertarian, free marketplace, what you’ll see is anarchy. You’ll see more and more fraudsters defrauding more and more people. People are so stupid that they absolutely need this kind of regulation in place to ensure that they don’t fall for this sort of snake-oil fraud.

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