Grandparents house

I drove down to Puyallup earlier today to spend the night with my grandparents, which I haven’t done in a while. And I’m starting to remember why I haven’t been down in a while: my grandpa has had me working on his various computers for him the whole time. He has a computer he bought ten years ago that was a piece of crap even then that has never worked very well and now the CD drive has died so he can’t play MS Flight Sim ’98 (Uggh). Grandpa also upgraded to IE7 and hates it because they moved all of his icons around. Old dogs really can’t learn new tricks (he turns 70-something tomorrow).

Really though, it is actually pretty nice being down here and sitting by a big roaring fire with my grandparents and just relaxing (and of course messing around online). Bestemor (my grandma) rented Wedding Crashers and wants me to watch it with her soon. I have pretty much the greatest grandma of all time. Not only does she watch fun movies, but she is one of the greatest cooking talents in the state- she fixed me a giant dinner of roast beef stew and tasty salad. I’m glad I came down, I was feeling pretty down and talking to Bestemor and relaxing has helped me find some peace.

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