Attempted to climb to McClellan’s Butte past Mt. Si on I-90E Saturday. Failed due to lack of equipment and realization that climbing steep ice alone may not be smart.

Sunday went on a bike ride with my brother from Orting to Puyallup. Visited the White family and ate good food at their BBQ. Rode back to Orting.

That night went to Shawn’s house and drank beer with him, his fiancee and family. Next morning (Memorial Day) had a beer breakfast and headed to Nick’s parent’s house to go out on their wakeboard boat. Boat’s battery was dead, so we played catch instead.

Chopped wood for my grandpa in midafternoon and had iced tea with my grandma afterwards.

Back to Seattle to get eleven hours of sleep.

Worked on creating a web application measuring the number of positives & negatives in client search results automatically for a coworker. Almost done, but can’t get the SqlDataReader to connect with the stored procedure properly. Ran five miles at lunch. Exercised at Bally’s after work; must get in shape to mount Mt. Rainier.

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  1. You’re going to summit Rainer? Have you done a lot of mountaineering? My friend is training with his dad and grandpa to summit Rainer later summer. I think he plans on climbing Camp Muir a few times with all the heavy gear needed to summit.

    I’m also planning to do some higher elevation hikes this summer, you should join me.

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