27 thoughts on “Heath Ledger Demotivational Poster”

  1. For all of you pissing and moaning about how offensive this poster is, shut the fuck up. :).

    It’s a demotivational poster, if you don’t like it, look at a different one, there to many to count. Suck it up. Stop bitching, you’re not special because you don’t find this to be funny. You’re just a whiny prick. You’ve probably laughed at other things just as fucked up. As previously brought up, shut the fuck up and move on.



  2. You can have my gooch, Mike Oxlong. Go Jesus! And k the whiny cks. You go k a goat, muddacka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. man.. all of u guys aguring over this.. i call this demotivational Forum; FAILED!

    lol that is fud up haha

  4. howw in the fuck can you find this funny?! Joking about someone’s death is NOT cool, especially such a great actor as Heath Ledger! You should be ASHAMED of yourself!

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