Heath Ledger Suicide

The 28 year old Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York City apartment today. His masseuse discovered him unconscious with tons of sleeping pills on his nightstand. Heath Ledger was known for his roles in films such as Brokeback Mountain, Casanova, 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight’s Tale. Joel also portrayed Heath Ledger’s character in Brokeback Mountain last Halloween. Joel cannot be reached for comment.

Heath Ledger Died today

Update: Heath Ledger’s apartment was located in the SoHo district of New York City. Police do not currently suspect foul play in Ledger’s death. It is believed that Heath Ledger died of accidental or suicidal overdose.

Heath Ledger was rumored to have been dating actress Gemma Ward in early 2008. Heath also had a difficult relationship with paparazzi, who he spat on repeatedly. The photographers retaliated by squirting Heath Ledger with water pistols at the premiere of Brokeback Mountain.

New Update: New York City officials have performed an autopsy on Heath Ledger’s body, but it is still inconclusive. They have to perform a histology and a toxicology analysis of Ledger. Heath’s body is ready to be released to the family for burial. His masseuse and hairdresser found prescription sleeping pills near Ledger’s body, but it is not known for sure yet if they played a role in Heath’s demise.

Jan 24. Update– Westboro Baptist church is planning on boycotting Heath Ledger’s funeral because his role in Brokeback Mountain “calls God a liar”. These Baptist morons need to feel the wrath of the King of America … if only we had one ;).

“You cannot live in defiance of God. He (Ledger) got on that big screen with a big, fat message: God is a liar and it’s OK to be gay,” said Shirley Phelps in a statement sent out by the Kansas Westboro Baptist Church.

Fox News’s John Gibson has also made some pretty infuriating remarks on air including, “He found out how to quit you.”

About Heath Ledger: Heath Ledger was born in Australia and named after a character in a play. Ledger received a nomination for an Academy Award for his role as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain and was compared to Marlon Brando for his great acting.

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  1. Geez dude that’s messed up. Why is everyone dying…seriously what the fuck is going on?

  2. Yeah dude, it’s pretty sad that Heath Ledger has passed away. I guess death is just a part of life though, right?

    On another note, I think that using the Internet Explorer browser won’t allow comments to work properly. Anyone else try using IE and have problems? I may have to change my layout again…

  3. Lorirose, conflicting reports have been coming in. Initial reports said the apartment Heath Ledger died in was the Olsen twins’, but the New York Times discredited that rumor. I may be wrong on some counts, but I’m just relaying the news I have heard of Heath Ledger’s death.

  4. Actually Joel did not give an accurate account of what really happened.I just received the latest news and apparently Heath Ledger was found dead in his bathtub with a monkey and a yellow painted goat. Apparently Heath liked to shower with animals and he was petting the goat when the monkey got jealous and choked heath to death in the bathtub.

    Get it right next time Joel!

  5. Hahahhahaa

    I love the Black Rooster. His account of Heath Ledger’s suicide sounds like the most accurate report yet to come out.

  6. He did NOT commit suiside. It was an overdose of predescriptive drugs. Please stop gossipping and cherish his beautiful memory

  7. ***** all you bastards i lovehim soo
    **** off you bunch of *****
    he is the best,fittest actor EVER !
    go **** your mams you sad *****

    Rip babes x x x

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