Fresh Wild Alaskan Cod

Today I went to Uwajimaya’s marketplace in the International District and bought myself two pounds of fresh wild alaskan cod and I’m cooking it right now. My apartment smells like heaven. I found a recipe online and made some alterations for my own version. I laid down a bed of onions on top of oil, put the cod on top and put more onions, diced tomatoes, bread crumbs, ground pepper and basil on top of that. I am baking that whole concoction on 375 for about 30 minutes, though I will be checking on it momentarily.

Wow, that tasted like an orgasm of the mouth. Delicious flavors and a full pound of cod now rest in my belly. The best part is that I have another pound of cod and accoutrements awaiting me in my fridge for tomorrow. Yum.

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Joel Gross

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Wild Alaskan Cod”

  1. Exactly how do you prepare it before putting it into the oven. And how do you keep it moist after serving? Is the cod marinated in any way?

  2. It came out nice! Thanks! I got my piece and by the time I turned around, it was all gone. That’s a good sign!

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