How to avoid Griffin or Kate dying

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  1. Automobile accidents… as much as possible, don’t drive them around. Don’t let them ride with others. 20% of deaths.
  2. Firearm accidents (59% homicide, 35% suicide, 4% unintentional). 15% of total deaths. Never let them touch guns without intensive supervision and training. Have gun safes that even a teenager or adult cannot crack.
  3. Cancerous tumors 9%. Avoid pollution.
  4. Suffocation 7% total…
Children 1-4:
  1. Drowning (after the age of 4 this goes down to #4 cause of death due to swim training)
  2. Congenital abnormalities
  3. Motor vehicle crashes
The majority of under 19 year olds die as teenagers….
  1. Motor vehicles
  2. Firearms
  3. Suffocation (hanging… 93% intentional1)
Key things I learned here:
  1. We need to think very carefully about how to train them to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts. And we need to make sure the guns are 100% secure from their access.
  2. Limit their time in automobiles as much as possible, and only drive at safe times (daytime on weekdays and only with you or I)

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