How To Throw A Football Professionally

Recently, I realized that my form in throwing a football left something to be desired. So I started digging around online and found tons of really helpful information that I am going to incorporate into how I throw a football for my flag football games and just messing around. I like to be the best at whatever I do, no matter how silly it is. After much research and practicing myself, I have compiled a guide that should help everyone interested in learning…

How to Throw A Football Guide

The first thing I did when I began to research how to throw a football properly was go look on Youtube to find videos of professional football coaches demonstrating proper quarterbacking techniques. The place where a proper football throw begins is with the right grip on the ball. The following video from Nike’s Instructional group helpfully demonstrates the right way to hold a football. You should place your ring finger and middle fingers across the laces and perhaps your middle finger as well depending upon the size of your hand.

When you throw the actual football, you need to throw bringing your thumb down towards the ground near the point of release. A helpful video for correct football throwing technique can be found next. This video on how to throw a football is probably the most broad and useful video you will watch on correct football grip and correct quarterback passing technique and follow through.


  • Keep a light grip on the ball because holding the football with too much power causes you to have less control over the ball.
  • If you are a quarterback in any sort of a football league, hold the ball up near your right ear (or left ear for lefties). Doing so helps you get the ball out faster.
  • When preparing to throw the football to your receiver, keep your eyes downfield and your shoulders almost parallel to him and your pivot foot pointing at your receriver.
  • Throw the ball in a half circle motion- doing so increases the centrifugal force and causes the ball to be launched at a greater velocity.
  • Be sure to shift your weight evenly at your release to ensure a powerful delivery of the football.
  • The rotation of your shoulders when throwing the football will generate torque that will help maximize velocity on the ball.
  • The ideal release point for the football is at about three quarter of the way through your half circle motion. You need to bring your right thumb to point to the ground after your throw to help impart spin on the football.
  • Throwing deep is an art. The ball should start to nose dive after it reaches the peak of its arc. if it doesn’t, change your technique.

More Videos on Correct Football Passing Technique:

Another video on proper quarterback grip on the football is found here. University of Maryland head coach Joe Krivak along with his quarterbacks discuss their techniques for proper grip. Plus you’ll get to check out some sweet eighties mustachios lol.

Important Techniques for Starting Quarterbacks

Good quarterbacking technique demands a reliable center-quarterback exchange. Watch the video below on how to do it right:

If you wish to be a true quarterback, you will need to learn correct stance position. The quarterback should not waste movement with an extra step after taking the snap from the center, rather the quarterback should move quickly back to get in throwing position as soon as possible. Watch the video next on correct stance:

If you want to pick up some tips from the arguably the best quarterback currently in the NFL, Tom Brady (winner of 3 Super Bowl Championships), watch his video on how to drop back. Tom Brady demonstrates the proper technique for a quarterback to drop back after the snap (Z drop).

Another type of quarterback dropback demonstrated by Tom Brady is the 5-step drop:

When Tony Romo came to play for the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent, Bill Parcells gave him 11 Quarterback Commandments for being a great quarterback. Watch the video below to learn Bill Parcells advised Tony Romo to become a great passing quarterback.

I hope that my guide on how to throw a football has been helpful for you. If you have additional tips or criticisms, please write me a comment below.

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