Ian Coleman Makes Beef Tartare

My talented professional chef friend Ian Coleman came over for one of our Monday night dinner’s a while back and prepared the best beef tartare I have ever tasted. Beef tartare is a mix of three different types of raw beef (sorry Ian, I can’t remember which cuts) combined with various sauces and seasonings till it reaches perfection. Ian has been trying to teach me how to cook better at these dinners, but I usually end up sitting in awe as he makes the most savory dishes of my life. Beef tartare is usually an appetizer, but I wanted to learn how to make it so we had it as our main course. Ian made several pounds of beef tartare and soft boiled eggs to eat with it on top of bread cracker things.

Beef Tartare

Beef tartare is now one of my favorite dishes. The group of us had some great fun.

Friends eating beef tartare

Pictured above from right: Lucas’ ex, Lucas, Ian Coleman, Diane, Plato (discoursing on some obscure subject most likely)

Beef tartare munchies

Many hands made light work of that massive pile of raw tasty beef.

The Monday Night group

The left side of the group enjoying wine and full bellies.

The Men of Monday Night Dinners

From left: Ian Coleman, Plato, Eric Hendrickson

Gorgeous Gross!

And Your Truly.

We cleaned house on that meal.

We cleaned house. Ian Coleman is the best chef in Seattle and my hero.

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  1. can you please give me Ian’s email address. I am one of his classmate from College. just ask him if he remember Han and Yahui from Seattle Central Community Collge

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