Impressive Photography

Check out some of these pictures:

Sun Rising over Srah Srang

Srah Srang sunrise beautiful

Pretty winter landscape:

Amazingly beautiful Nebraska winter landscape

Tree Growing On Ruins:

Tree growing on mayan ruins

Cheetah and her cubs lying on a rock outcropping in the Serengeti:

Serengeti cheetah and cubs lying on a rock.

Mountainous landscape with flowers and water:

beautiful montana mountain landscape

Giraffe battle in the middle of a sunny patch of grass:

Giraffe's necking

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Goofy black and white photograph of plates lined up in a sewer grate to dry:

plates in sewer grate

Oxen grazing outside of Ancient Temples:

Oxen grazing outside of cool old temples

Flower field with cliffs in the background:

Beautifully flowered field with cliffs in the background

Black and white picture of an Elephant drinking out of a pool of water:

Giant elephant drinking from pool

Powerful Lion awaiting a storm:

Lion waiting for a storm to come.

Chimpanzee deep in contemplation:

Chimpanzee deep in contemplations.

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