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The woman I’ve been dating for the last few weeks, Melanie, is now starting her own interior design business! I like to think that I prodded her in that direction, but she already was contemplating how to do it. She is an excellent interior designer, but works for a firm that doesn’t appreciate what she does. I am trying to help by giving business advice and setting up her website, but she just started 3 days ago and already has 2 clients! Watching her is giving me renewed passion for working on my own business.

She had initially offered me a 1/3 stake in the business for helping with the biz side of things, but I turned it down citing the issues that would arise if we broke up… Later, I i rethought my position and decided it would be okay and mentioned perhaps bringing me in… but she repeated my dating issues back at me lol. Hopefully she’ll remember me when she’s a millionaire ;).

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  1. How open is she to accepting clients? God, whom works in mysterious ways, frequently comes in contact with clients who need to hire an interior designer rather than shop for furniture. If she has contact information (I know it already, being God, but choose to respect her right to come and speak with me) have her email me or drop me a few cards in the mail and I will see if I can offer up one or two suggestions.

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