iPhone 3G Sadness

As I stood after sending a letter to the President tonight (as my grandpa says), my most treasured possession fell out of my pocket and into the drink to swim with the not-fishes.‚  I turned around to see to my horror my iPhone 3G sacrificed to the porcelain gods as the water swirled around it.‚  Quickly, I thrust my hand in to rescue it and it came out still operational, so I shut it off.

Now we can only hope and pray for the best.

Join me, friends, in this moment of dire need.‚  The iPhone has been iPooped on.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “iPhone 3G Sadness”

  1. OK… So I too have had Bad luck in this same department… well not the exact same! What you need to do is take your battery off!! have your phone sit in rice for like 48 hours… it will get all the water out. Buy a new battery!! Your old one will work for a while then ruin your phone! And I would also recommend Lysol!!I just had to replace my phone… I did not replace the battery cause it worked and the phone it’s self got all messed up!! Good luck!!

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