Japan vs USA

My visit to Japan has been quite interesting so far. I can’t help but compare Japan to the USA. Here is what I have found so far:

  • Every city I have seen is immaculately clean. You could practically eat off the road here without any concerns. There is zero trash anywhere on the ground and everything is fresh and sparkling.
  • The architecture in Japan has been fascinating. I have seen crazy, convoluted skyscrapers and lots of very visually interesting public works of art. Tokyo seems to be under constant construction of newer and even more amazing buildings.
  • The infrastructure (bullet trains, subways, roadways) are all far more advanced than anything I have seen in Los Angeles. Yesterday, Laurel and I rode a bullet train at 200 mph home from a tourist destination. It was very quiet and very smooth, but the landscape outside flashed by incredibly quickly.
  • Technology here lives up to the reputation Japan has earned – generally a lot more diversity in electronic gadgets, signs, and general life.
  • The toilets have heated seats and a whole bunch of options that you never thought you would need until you tried them. Now I can’t live without it… I will have to buy one for my apartment. I can’t go back to being a half-wiped barbarian now.
  • Crime rates in the United States are more than 4x higher than in Japan. Drug use is 6x higher in the United States than Japan. The murder rate is 5x higher in America than in Japan. The rape rate is 27x higher in the United States.
  • The food is fantastic. I had the best cut of beef of my life. It was a very heavily marbled sirloin that is a competitor for the world famous Kobe beef. Mouth watering. The $5 noodle soups are equally awesome.

To be honest with you, I have found Japan to be superior to the United States in most respects. Beautiful country with very friendly people who are far more advanced than we are.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.