Joel Bought Google

No, not the whole company. Yet.

Instead, I bought 5 shares for $439 apiece ($2200 total).

I think that Google is priced lower than it should be, considering the companies current cash flow and future prospects. I think that within the next five years, Google has a good chance of supplanting Microsoft as the dominant software company. The computing world is evolving away from desktop based applications to web applications because of the greatly reduced computing cost and ease of use for consumers. Microsoft is a slow moving behemoth that is very protective of its current market share. It makes sense- Microsoft makes billions of dollars off of desktop software and will not do anything to disrupt that cash flow… however it is going to lose out on important opportunities because of this fear. I think that Google holds a ton of potential to change the nature of the market and take most of Microsoft’s current business.

Now I am going to cross my fingers and hope Google pulls off its goals.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.