Joel’s Informational Pages

I created a profile on Barack Obama‘s website and am investigating how Barack’s campaign is using this tool to engage more people.

Joel in LinkedIn My recently created profile on LinkedIn, feel free to contact me.

Joel’s Myspace Profile Link to my MySpace profile for anyone who cares to check it out.

Joel’s Facebook Profile Link to my Facebook info… add me!

Yahoo Joel My profile on Yahoo as created when I was 13 lol.

Business Practices Series of short stories.

Joel’s UW Yahoo Random BS about varying topics and not too useful for most folks.

Joel’s Profile on ESPN Information on me from the grand ol’ ESPN network.

Blog Sitemap Directions around Joel’s blog for people who want to read his posts.

Flag Football in Washington Forum for people who want to play touch or flag football.

My website Joel’s primary website.

Psychology Info Bunch of old psychology homework assignments.

Joel’s Pictures Pictures that I have put up on the web.

Flag Football Yahoo sports group for finding info on flag football.

Democratic Dentist Homework assignments from different biology and biz classes

Wind Turbine Info for people interested in wind power.

Alright Info on former politicians

Semi-Interstice More stuff on former politicians

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Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. They are just links to all of my crap I have put online over the last couple years. I think I forgot like half of it anyways.

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