Josef Miklautsch: Uninsured Hit & Run Driver

As many of you know, someone drove into my car and before I could my shoes on to talk to them, they drove off.‚  Fortunately, a neighbor wrote down their license plate number and vehicle make so I was able to report the accident to the incompetent Seattle police and to my insurance company.‚  My insurance company, USAA, did a great job of tracking the guy down and according to them his name is Josef Miklautsch.‚  The bad thing is Josef Miklautsch does not have insurance (makes sense as to why he fled the scene of the accident).‚  I do have an uninsured motorist policy, but I still have to pay the deductible.‚  Supposedly, if USAA’s collection agency can find Josef Miklautsch they will extract all of the damage money he owes and give me back my deductible.‚  The hunt is on for Josef Miklautsch!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.