10,000 generations of your ancestors with modern human DNA fought tooth and nail to survive, have kids, and help them succeed.

Billions upon trillions of generations of your ancestors overcame all the odds stacked against them to bring you to life.

The hard work and sacrifices of all of your ancestors brought you into being in the best and easiest time in history to be a living creature.

Will you thank them by deciding to not have kids? Does this miraculous run of success die with you?

Will you have an artisanal family with 2.7 children? Take lots of cute photos? Let them watch TV while you ignore them drinking wine or pursuing your own hobbies?

Or will you recognize that the purpose of all life is growing your family? Will you join the ranks of your honored ancestors in making sure that your family survives and thrives in the future?

The history of all life has been full of hard times: predators, disease, starvation, war, cold or hot temperatures, and constant challenges and adventures. Right now and right here in America, we have it very easy for a brief moment of history. Will you use this opportunity to train your family and store up resources?

I know what I will do.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.