King to Kutcher: “We Will Bury You”

Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to a race to a million followers on twitter. Ashton Kutcher is at around 870,000 and CNN has a significant lead. Anyways, Larry King posted this funny video telling Ashton Kutcher he’s going down:

Here is the original video in which Ashton Kutcher promises to punk Ted Turner if he beats CNN to a million twitter followers:

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One thought on “King to Kutcher: “We Will Bury You””

  1. First, he promised to “Ding-Dong-Ditch” Ted Turner’s house if he got to a million first. Then, being the generous, social-minded human being that he is, offered to donate 1,000 net beds through Malaria No More. Now, not only will Ashton Kutcher make his donation regardless of the outcome of the race, everyone has a chance to make a difference, even those who don’t use Twitter. A T-Shirt design is available at and 50% of the profits from every sale will be donated to Malaria No More. If every user purchases one shirt, it will raise at least $2 Million Dollars for a great cause.

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