LA Court System VERY Inefficient

Every interaction I have had with the court system has been massively wasteful of everyone’s time involved. I have done a few small claims cases, a couple civil cases, and now am a witness to a criminal case. It’s insane how wasteful the system is.

The court system should be reorganized to pay judges according to how many cases they hear fairly, and should have penalties to the judge for successful appeals of their decisions to ensure swift justice. A great judge who quickly makes correct judgements should be able to make a million dollars a year. A slow, inefficient judge should not make $50k.

I bet the entire caseload could be done by 1/10 of the judges and court space if this was done.

Further, judges should be motivated to not have people attend till they are actually needed. Having three dozen cops all sitting a room for hours doing nothing is an insane waste of taxpayer money. Having dozens of lawyers doing the same is even more crazy.

I also think that if all parties agree, cases should be heard online from the comfort of people’s offices or homes to reduce commute time, pollution, and waste.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.