Leona Helmsley: The Evil Dead

Leona Helmsley was a wicked woman while alive and continues to live on in infamy after her death. Leona Helmsley’s husband, Harry Helmsley, was one of the wealthiest men in America and left his fortune to his evil wife. After Harry’s death, Leona Helmsley went off the deep end and treated everyone underneath her like dirt, from the executives that ran her company to the lowest maids who cleaned her house.

Now that Leona Helmsley is dead, people have found out that she willed $12 million dollars to her rat dog “Trouble”. Not only that, but as her trust goes through the court system, new facts have come to light:

Leona Helmsley made a trust in 2003, endowed with between $5-8 BILLION dollars in assets and set two prime goals for it-

  • Provide support to indigent people.
  • Take care of her dogs

About a year later, Leona Helmsley decided that the first goal was to be struck from the will. Now, one of the wealthiest trusts in America will not be used to help people, instead it will be spent on dogs. I guess a dog like Leona Helmsley had to take care of her own, right?

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  1. You like my “Leona Helmsley arrived in hell” timer?

    I stole that idea from the westboro baptist church people who have one for that gay guy… pretty messed up.

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