Lies of the Liberals and Lies of the Conservatives

Liberal lies:

-Production goods and services come from labor. Without a few great business geniuses and their massive investments, we would not have nearly the amount of high quality goods and services we do today. Example: the tech for engines existed for decades until Henry Ford perfected the automobile and massively scaled up production.

-Giving money away is good. Money is supposed to be an easy to handle representation of goods and services. Printing more does not actually make more goods and services. Entitlement programs should be ended.

-Abortion is a human right. What about the right to life of babies? If we can kill innocent but inconvenient people, then you justify the Holocaust and other genocides.

-Government regulations are good. In reality, government regulations lock society into a certain set of practices and block innovation and improvements and lead to corruption. Use the legal system to rein in excesses.

Conservative lies:

-Production goods and services come from capital. Without managerial genius, and tons of hard work, capital is nothing. See Enron – massive capital but they didn’t have any actual value to society.

-Many claims made by Donald Trump. He was under the influence, if not outright control, of Putin. He “converted” to Christianity to win an election. He was terrible at business and lost most of the huge fortune his father left him.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.