Magento E-Commerce Review

New Magento vs Bigcommerce review for 2012

Magento is an open source e-commerce shopping cart by the company called Verian. Ever since it has hit the market, there are different views of its customers about it. In general, Magneto has a feature list which includes coupons, specials, multiple checkout and shipping coupons, tiered pricing, layered pricing, and a lot more.  Read my full review of 2010’s best ecommerce shopping carts or if you feel lazy just go check out the site of my current favorite platform BigCommerce.

Magento Ecommerce SEO Review
Magento Ecommerce SEO Review

The best part about Magento is that it is free (at least for a limited version)!  With its powerful features, it is  more impressive. Secondly, Magento offers innovative designs and an overall attractive style. The default storefront might be simple and basic, but it’s not ugly. The default buttons and colors are innovative and easy to comprehend. The overall software is attractive to the customers, and with the help of JS, many customers find Magento easy to use.

Magento customers often highly speak of its simple SEO. Many of them also term it as the shopping cart which has the best SEO compared to others.  However my thorough SEO review shows that BigCommerce has it beat by a long shot. Magento has the facility of URL change in the administrator access panels. As for customization, none is needed with Magento.
Users of Magento shopping cart usually find a few problems with the installation. Installation instructions are not available with the download. Moreover, the directions listed on the website are not accurate and complete. Many customers complain that they have to search for the instructions on their own, which should be available with the download. Installation will only be easy for you if you are good at making SQL databases, and changing file permissions. Otherwise, it might not be very simple for you, and you would have to ask for someone else’s help.
Another problem associated Magento is that of its attributes. Unfortunately, many users are puzzled about how they can add attributes and products to the cart. Even though Magento has instruction videos, it is still confusing to add attributes. Moreover, with Magento, security is a bit uncertain. Often users complain of Magento having security flaws. The biggest problem with Magento is that it doesn’t have a customer’s IP. Due to a bad IP, many customers would discontinue its use.

Overall, Magento is not a bad shopping cart; it only has a few flaws. Features like multi-store capabilities and immediate bug fixes and code updates make it a better cart to shop with. There might be flaws, but they are because most of the software releases get pushed before they are ready. Therefore, there is always room for improvement, and one can look forward to further development.

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