Magento Partners | Choosing an eCommerce Platform


Choosing an eCommerce platform can be more than a bit daunting. They all make big promises, but how do you make sense of the different levels of membership, and how do you choose the shopping cart that’s right for you. Maybe you’re wondering, do I need gold or platinum status? How much storage does my site require? What exactly is a transaction fee? Well, I feel your pain. A few years back, I founded a company called Coalition Technologies, which is now one of the leading SEO and web development companies in the nation, and we work with all of these platforms. We’re Magento partners, Bigcommerce partners and Shopify partners, and we also work with Volusion, 3DCart and NetSuite, among many others. Suffice it to say, we’ve been pretty busy, and so I’d like to offer bit of perspective on this matter, based on my own experience.

Choosing Your Ultimate eCommerce Platform

I’m not going to bore you with pages and pages of specs, because if you’re researching eCommerce platforms, you have probably already seen that information. What you want are facts, so I’ll get right to the point. There are a lot of really worthwhile shopping carts out there. I love Bigcommerce for its affordability and intuitive marketing features, and I admire that Shopify provides such a vast abundance of features at such a low price. When it comes to the big picture, though, when weighing all of the different variables including price, functionality and versatility, I have to give it to Magento. It’s truly in a league of its own.

Why Magento?

There are many reasons to choose Magento for your eCommerce website, but let’s start with the price. The Magento Community Edition is offered for the low, low price of absolutely free. Before you get too excited, please note that the Community Edition includes no support, so it’s not going to do you much good unless you have a background in development, or an expert developer working at your side.

For as low as $15 per month, you can get Magento Go, which is the perfect solution for small businesses. If you run a large enterprise, Magento Enterprise also offers one of the best values you’ll find for unparalleled bandwidth and functionality.

Aside from the superior pricing model, there’s the customization. There’s seriously nothing you can’t do with Magento. The system handles design, development, SEO, marketing, analytics, shipping and tracking, all at the click of a button. Don’t know how to design a web page? No problem. Just choose a template and customize it to your liking. Having a hard time staying organized? That’s fine. Magento keeps track of everything on your behalf. You can even download custom apps and extensions from Magento Connect, which further puts the power in your hands.

Coalition Technologies – Your Magento Partners

These are just a few of the things that make Magento so unique. If you want to get the most from this amazing platform, though, I would recommend hiring a Magento partner to help you with the development and/or SEO. Magento partners are hand-selected by the company based on expertise of the platform, and at Coalition Technologies, we have been working with Magento almost since the system was first unveiled.

We’re not like other Magento partners, though. That is to say, we don’t just supply you with the basics. We work directly with you to discover exactly what you’re looking for, and then we implement highly targeted strategies to help you achieve your goals. Our massive in-house team includes expert developers and SEO gurus, all of whom are intimately acquainted with Magento. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’d like to receive a free quote, contact Coalition Technologies today at 1-888-800-9101, and let’s take your eCommerce efforts to new heights.