Magento Programmers | The Benefit of Hiring Magento Experts


Why do we use eCommerce programs like Magento? Quite simply, because they take extremely complex processes and make them simple enough for anyone to use on a daily basis, and with maximum effectiveness. From designing and organizing web pages, to tracking orders and managing shipments, Magento allows you to focus on the aspects of your business that actually matter. As the founder and CEO of a major development and design firm, I have found Magento to be a godsend, but it doesn’t automate everything. If you truly want to get the most from this versatile engine, I highly recommend assistance from knowledgeable Magento programmers.

Why Magento Programmers Can Make a Real Difference

Magento offers some great out-of-the-box features, but it also allows you to customize your HTML, XHTML and CSS to your exact desired specifications. In other words, with the right coding, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish using Magento. Why settle for the boring system configurations and cookie-cutter themes when you create the kind of site that truly reflects your unique vision and gives you a leg up on the competition?

But it’s not just about designs (although designs are certainly important). Sure, the right Magento programmers can make your site look great, but there are also some practical reasons to hire the pros. For example, did you know that Magento has over 150,000 lines of code? Not only is that code customizable, but it can be prone to bugs and glitches. If you’re using one of the cheaper Magento platforms (specifically the Community Edition or Magento Go), you may not get the round-the-clock expert support you need to overcome the inevitable problems as they arise. Then there’s SEO. Magento programmers can scour your site and ensure that your tags, sitemaps, navigation structure and robots file are properly optimized to give you the best shot at achieving the top search engine rankings.

And then, of course, there are the practical benefits. A Magento programmer can make the easy tasks even easier, by optimizing your content management system, automating your most essential processes and turning your Magento site into a powerhouse that works exactly how you need it to. When you rely on the default settings, you might be able to build a good site, but it will be like purchasing a 500-horsepower Corvette and not knowing how to race. You’ll never come close to maximizing the potential of the machine at your fingertips.

Choosing the Right Magento Programmers

If you’re ready to turn you good Magento website into something outstanding, you’ll need the right Magento programmers on your side, but how do you choose the best developers to go above and beyond your basic needs? Here are a few tips to consider:

1)      Choose a Magento certified partner. This is absolutely essential.

2)      Look at the programmer’s portfolio, and get a good sense of their work.

3)      Talk to your programmer and learn all about them before making any commitments.

If you’d like to see real results, give Coalition Technologies a call. Our Magento programmers are some of the best in the industry, and we have helped our clients to triple and even quadruple their revenue in a matter of months. Check out our portfolio and give us a call at 1-888-800-9101. We’ll give you a free quote and let you know exactly how we can revolutionize your Magento site.