Make Planned Obsolence a Crime

Companies that make products purposefully so they break down after a period of time, or so that they are not backwards compatible are stealing from their customers. Planned obsolence should be a crime with long jail time and fines big enough to bankrupt the companies that do it.

Right now, nearly every product you buy is designed to break or be incompatible with future updates to increase the sales of the company. Apple is especially guilty of this with phones that slow down or have batteries stop working after a period of time. Apple also changes the design style to try to get people to upgrade. Apples products are not backwards compatible. Apple is evil.

John Deere is another company that now designs their products to break after a period of time and then customers are required to pay enormous repair fees to John Deere as it uses copyright and other legal shenanigans to prevent farmers and others from fixing their products. John Deere even copyrights it’s repair manuals then charges customers hundreds of dollars to get a few pages. Criminal.

Both companies should be bankrupted with enormous fines so that new ethical companies can rise in their place.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.