Malibu Creek Rock Climbing

I really enjoy rock climbing in Malibu Creek. I have been there a couple of times now and just went on Sunday with a guy I had just met at Rockreation Climbing Gym.  He brought a couple of his buddies too so the four of us went out there and had a full day of rock climbing.

Malibu Creek is really cool because you have to do an unprotected traverse over the creek just to get to the climbing area!

Malibu Creek Rock Climbing

I did a few climbs: warmed up with a 5.9 that was interesting because it transitioned from big jug holds to much more bodyweight leaning into the rock at the top with small holds. We then went and did a short overhanging 5.10b climb twice that also had big juggy holds. One of the guys I was with was working on a 5.11a and ended up taking a 20 foot fall! He was fine though since he had a good belayer who made sure he didn’t jerk at the bottom of the rope.

I finished off the day with a 5.10a climb that was really fun and traversed my way back to the trail and hiked out. Good times!

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