Man is a Nightmare Species

Imagine an alien species with star drive technology and vastly superior intelligence appeared in large numbers on our planet. The aliens kill humans for sport, skin them, boil them alive, and often don’t even eat the meat. They drag people around on hooks buried in their intestines. They stuff dead human bodies and set them up in action positions like the Heisman pose. Sounds like a nightmare scenario?

Man is far worse.

Just think about the simple fishing hook. This is a stabbing device designed to lodge in the throat or intestines of the victim, then drag that victim towards the killer. The pain caused must be extraordinary.

People regularly driving their cars accidentally run over animals and don’t bother to stop, leaving the creature screaming in pain from shattered bones.

Poachers often kill animals and cut off their horns and leave everything else.

Hunters skin an animal and stuff it and set it up in grotesque postures they imagine reflect real life.

Throughout human history man is even crueler to himself. Soldiers crucify, rape, torture. Religious leaders burn innocents alive. Wealthy feast and grow obese by starving the poor. People betray one another constantly for the smallest advantage.

Man is a nightmare species.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.