Math says you are in the Matrix

I read an interesting theory that claims that there is a near mathematical certainty that you are a computer simulation. Many scientists believe that computing power, based on current trends of increases in processing power, in 50 years we will have a computer capable of running simulations of an entire virtual world inhabited by virtual people with fully developed virtual nervous systems. These people would still have thoughts, feelings and everything else that makes us human except that instead of having their mental software run on flesh and blood, it would run on computer circuitry. Once this technology exists, people could run potentially millions of simulations of various virtual worlds, with trillions of inhabitants. The odds of you being one of the few billions of “real” people would be infinitely small. Therefore, we are most likely in a computer simulation at this moment. However, this shouldn’t change the way you live your life. Your feelings and thoughts and the other people around you are just as real to you as they ever were. What does it matter if you were created by God, evolutionary biology or an advanced computer geek with lots of extra time?

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