Microsoft Making A Comeback

I had written Microsoft off as being out of touch and about to collapse on itself. However, I may have judged too soon. The behemoth company based out of Redmond appears to be putting up a fight.

Microsoft either just launched or is launching a slew of cool products and has significantly strengthened others. Bing is Microsoft’s powerful new search engine, Silverlight is unleashing the full .Net framework for developers, XBox just sold its 30 millionth box & has a community of 20 million monthly users, and many other areas are looking up too. I think that they need to offer some of their paid dev tools for free though if they want to compete with Flash better though.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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Joel Gross

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft Making A Comeback”

  1. This is unrelated to this post, but thought I’d say that it’s great reading your blog as I live in Seattle and know the places you mention such as Mount Si 🙂 Keep up the blogging!

  2. As other competitors start to become widely accepted as “behemoths”, Microsoft’s own bad rap will start to fade, allowing their products to develop on their own performance and not on corporate reputations.

    Companies such as Apple and Google seem intent on taking over much of Microsoft’s business, but with size and ambition comes the opportunity to screw up. Its a bit of a natural boom or bust cycle that seems to occur.

  3. Apple is absolutely dominant right now and Google is storming ahead as well. Those big three companies are rolling everyone over. It’s beautiful to watch.

  4. microsoft is going to beat apple with all there cool new products like windows phone 7 , windows 7 , kinect, microsoft office for mac and pc there winning

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