Moving AGAIN! I hate my life

I had a barbecue for the 4th of July and a friend of a friend apparently had difficulties working in the world around him and walked through the screen door, breaking it. The next day my roommate, Brent, asked me to move out. Brent told me he wants me to move out because he is dating a “celebrity” who doesn’t want to be seen and gave me a couple of hints as to who the guy is. I’m not sure if I have to go because of the screen door or the “celebrity”, but either way I’m supposed to be out soon. It really blows since I have only lived there for about a month and a half, but I have no lease so I have no recourse. Brent and I had almost nothing in common anyways. Oh well. Now I have to decide whether or not to find a new job and if I stay with Visible, where should I live? Do I want roommates?

Anybody want to buy Chuck Norris Action Jeans? Guaranteed to make you kick ass.

Prince Charles REALLY enjoys visiting his troops!

Aaaaaaaaaand….have a happy Friday!

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One thought on “Moving AGAIN! I hate my life”

  1. You seem to be handling this disaster pretty well. I think that you should send a note to Perez Hilton and inform on your roomie’s boyfriend. That would a great retribution for kicking you out.

    You shouldn’t get a place on your own, unless you are going to have someone move in with you. You don’t seem to be too good on your own. A social butterfly as it were.

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