New place!

I just found a gorgeous new place to live on Eastlake. It is an enormous two bedroom, two bathroom condo with tons of amenities; hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, new washer and dryer. It has a huge outdoor patio with a very nice grill and patio furniture for relaxing and bbqing during the sumer months.

My bedroom is pretty big and has a walkthrough California closet that is almost as big as the room itself and a nice, private bathroom with a showerhead I don’t have to duck to get under (AMAZING!)

My roommate will be the man who owns the condo. I talked to him for about two hours last night and he’s a great guy who’s done some pretty cool stuff so far in his life. His name is Brent and he is a 31 y/o gay man who also attended UW (and was a student senator and was the guy who pushed through the $45 million IMA renovation). He has a law degree from Seattle U and currently works in business development for Fisher (ABCs local affiliate i think). He seemed like a really fun, social guy with a great sense of humor.

I just posted my old apartment on Craigslist and hopefully will be able to start moving in this weekend, so if you feel like helping out, give me a call.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.