New Subdomain

I have created a new subdomain on my website:

It sucks right now, please don’t bother yourself visiting it. All of my best stuff will always be on or

There are notes from Sexuality class.

I also have a section on Biology.

A book discussion is also in place for something about a book that was read a while back.

Notes on proper methodologies for breathing during dancing are there.

Who wants to learn about dog personalities?

I know you all are enamored with drugs and alcohol, but read the consequences.

Different genders respond to humor differently. Surprise surprise.

Some interesting articles on jazz dance.

I once took a murder class that wasn’t all that great. Prof sucked.

Review of psychology 303. Booooring.

More psychology stuff from the 315 class.

Psychology 331 has some information.

There can be more psychology stuff found here.

If you want a review of Psych 471 visit this page.

Information can be gleaned from classes.

Research in psychology continues to press forward.

The studying of sal.

Who cares for mr. starks?

Further informations.

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