New Years Resolutions & 2017 Review

I don’t really do New Years resolutions. I have a goals spreadsheet that I track my goal progress (or lack thereof) in each day.

In 2017 I had a few goal categories:

  • Business
    • WIN – I was able to meet the revenue goal with Coalition
    • WIN – Able to restructure the business to run more smoothly so I could build the structure of it.
  • Financial
    • WIN – Brought in a roommate (Levi) that cut my expenses at home in half
    • LOSS – Could not figure out good investments for extra capital, so it just sits in bonds for now.
  • Emotional
    • WIN – I drank too much in the first half of 2017, but I quit in July and have not had a drink in 6 months. Feeling much better now.
  • Physical
    • LOSS – was not able to climb 5.12a or run a 6 minute mile… but I did not really try hard at these and I think I could do them.
    • WIN – stopping drinking has been a big improvement
  • Mental
    • WIN – lots of programming
    • LOSS – My phone has continued to take over my life… it’s a devil.

Overall, this year was a good one. Laurel and I have been working on having a kid and making progress there I think. We also did a lot of traveling and I was able to successfully run the company remotely. I got an Xbox and got addicted to Rocket League and Overwatch, but gave both of those up months ago. I am playing a bit now for the first time in a while doing a single person RPG – South Park: Stick of Truth. I also read probably 40 or so books this year. The Stormlight Archives were an especially fun series.

I have spent the last couple of months trying to rebuild our recruiting system to allow multiple companies on it. I think I am nearing launch status now. Just need to set up the social network component and a marketing site and fix up the HTML / CSS and other bugs.

My goals in 2018 haven’t changed much:

  • Business:
    • Double monthly revenue run rate by end of year
    • Restructure to allow for a PEO
    • Launch recruiting site for other businesses
    • Finish management reports and other core tools in Scoretask
  • Financial:
    • Find better investment vehicles than bonds, but protect the capital.
  • Physical:
    • Once a month, try to run a 6 minute mile and climb a 5.12a.
  • Emotional:
    • Be nicer to people and more encouraging, especially with my old habits with Jordan and Laurel
    • Stay sober
  • Mental:
    • Continue programming several days a week
    • Find something new to learn every day


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.