Nick’s Elk

Nick recently went hunting and bagged a monster elk on Wednesday October 8, 2008.‚  Below is the email he sent out and the pictures of his elk.‚  Mmmm… elk burgers… tasty.

7:05 in the morning with the sun rising across the treeline I‚ walked‚ into a clear cut above the ranch.‚ Standing at the far end of the clear cut‚ we spied 6 elk mainly cows and calves. At first I‚ didn’t see the bull, but as time passed‚ he walked out of the treeline into the open.‚ The sun was still coming up so i could not see how many points he had. Finally he turn around and‚ I got a clear look at his rack, which was a stunning and very large 6 by 6.‚ That’s the point‚ when your heart starts beating so fast you can barely hold onto the gun and aim. He turned broadside and I took a shot at 135 yards no scope‚ (accurate range of the gun is about 100 yards). Bang….smoke… I‚ could see him running up hill.‚ I th ought‚ I had missed completely. He ran about 10‚ yards and dropped dead‚ just off‚ the four wheeler trail.

So this guy was pretty big, 469 pounds (meat and bone)‚ at the butcher, that’s 140 more pounds then my dads last year. This should‚ rank in the top 25 Elk shot with a muzzle loader in WA State when it gets rated…

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