No Christmas for the Grinch

The Grinch here is not quite sure what he wants for Christmas. Grinchie doesn’t much like giving presents and when he receives them he feels bad because he didn’t get the other person Christmas presents. Last Christmas, the Grinch offered to cook dinner for several different people for Christmas, but they never took him up on it. The Grinch is worried this year that he might actually have to think of something to buy. Grinchie HATES shopping for himself, much less other people!

That being said, if you want a Christmas present from the Grinch you MUST leave your wish list in the comments. The Grinch also recommends that you can suggest whatever you wish, but make sure at least one item is less than $20 and easily attainable. Since much of his shopping is done online, the Grinch also suggests that you place your list ASAP if you want anything.

Now what does the Grinch want for Christmas? Read the Grinch wish list:

-NOTHING. Don’t get the Grinch a damned thing please. If you insist, read on.

-A good soft steel chef’s knife (6+ inch blade) and sharpening steel. Cost $50-200. Maybe people will eat my cooking more often.

-A fifth of Chivas Regal Scotch. Grinchie loves his scotch! $26.99

Chivas regal scotch

-Cheapo Ipod to hold me over 4 or 5 months till I get an Iphone. MAX: $60

Ipod grinch

-Tennis Racket (or 2) and balls. $40-100. Grinchie likes tennis!

Grinch’s Tennis Racket

-Power cord for my stinking external hard drive. Grinch lost his… uuuugh.

-Cash. $100 bills preferably

one hundred dollar bill for grinch

-A national championship for the University of Washington Football team. Priceless

National Championship for UW Football

-Grinchie wants studly male abdominal muscles. Price: Sweat, blood & tears

Grinch needs studly male abdominal muscles

-Wine. Preferably decent.

-Gift card to Nordstroms. Too cheap to spend my own money there.

-A bloody nose.

-A professional leather briefcase.

-Death to those I despise.

-Good gun (shotgun, reliable pistol).

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5 thoughts on “No Christmas for the Grinch”

  1. I am interested in the following:

    A black leather messenger bag.
    Starbucks gift card.
    Lens attachment for my camera (DSC-90) hard to find
    Gift card to Watch repair place…. Need batteries.
    Clean, simple case for my phone, Blackberry Pearl.
    That’s about it.

  2. goldy locks wants a gift card to guitar center. also goldy locks would like some sort of electric grill/skillet for cooking so he can eat more affordable at college this next quarter, ski travel bag, or what i want most is a day or weekend trip with joel for this next quarter on some wild and crazy adventure, maybe a ski trip to baker together on a weekend off…

  3. So… here’s my current Christmas list:

    -Jordan, 1 large vial of Crack
    -Justin, an abortion for his girlfriend.
    -Josh, NOTHING
    -Everyone else who hasn’t replied- NOTHING

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