Non-Screen Projects

Many days, I spend all day looking at screens. I work on my laptop hooked up to a second monitor, I mess around with my phone, and I read my Kindle Paperwhite.

I noticed that my vision has deteriorated because of this. My eyes stay fixed forward and don’t focus as well as they used to on anything that is not within 1-3 feet of my face.

To combat my screen addiction, I am trying to do hands on projects.

Last night, I changed my own rear differential oil on my truck.

My mechanic had quoted $110, so I went and spent $170 in supplies at Napa in supplies plus another $100 in tools to do it myself haha. I watched a YouTube video on how to do it, looked like a one hour job. Four hours later at 11 pm I actually finished! 🤣

The night before that, I replaced my mechanical front door entrance handleset with a digital keypad front door entrance handleset. That project took around two hours to dismantle the old one and install the new one.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.